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can the world Be Still again and look at Screensavers

Rain and Thunder - Awesome

Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path...
Enjoy this Sword of the Spirit Background thunder and rain nature sound background.

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Wings flap - Beautiful

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Prayer goes a long way.

Heavenly Father, I accept Your Son Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and is risen from the dead. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and life. I accept His forgiveness and pray that He would guide, lead, and direct me from now on. Thank You for saving me according to what the Bible tells me in Romans 10:13,that "whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Amen.

What i seen of what KCN logo is.

What KCN new logo represents:
The river means that Chief Kehewin for the first time saw the rivers, ponds, survival for his people of today and tomorrow. The mountains are the moose mountains and most of all St.Joes hill. The Sun rising everyday for a new day, a better days ahead.
The white bird for holiness and a time of prayer to thee Creator. The black bird for not forget the lonely and the forgotten that are just trying to get by.
The Building beside the eagle is for prosperity for new structures, to build and repair. Wifi for Kehewin Information Network, on how we communicate these days for family, friends, work, media and play, technology in Kehewin. The feathers and the little cross on one of the teepees represents the different beliefs, Native Culture, Catholic, Christians.
Kehewin Cree Nation meaning Kehew (Eagle) Nehiyah (Native) -
Askiy (Land) with Cree syllabics. The teepees are the people, to keep there home fires burning for warmth and laughter. The big teepee is for the Chief and Council that govern, are the front runners when in battle, helpers of people's needs. The colors: green for nature, blue for rivers, red for battle, white for Creator, black for dirt, life, plants... or if you prefer the Color Wheel. for the ppls.

The numbers #123 is the number for Kehewin Cree Nation.
The eagle (Creator, Lord, God) wrapping its feathers to keep Kehewin safe, secure, Prayer's for another day.



Educated Native ClipArt
Dedicated to the late Debbie Morin & Stanley John.
Debbie was gifted artist and I would like to show off some of her work here.

"If anytime you need to talk, i got all day, if anytime, you need a place to stay. Take my room. If anytime you need any macronie soup, I'll cook you some asap."
My Friend, You are missed.

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